Long Way Home

In the middle of 2014 I quit the job I loved and had to decide on a ticket back to Singapore from Dubai. I couldn’t. And so I avoided the problem altogether and bought a one way ticket to Brazil. It didn’t make sense but geography was never my strongest suit anyway. I decided that I would go the long way home. During the time when I travelled through South America, Europe, Asia and the tip of Africa, there was never a moment where I felt unsafe, including the moment I met you, a complete stranger, whom I trusted, completely. You could be friends with anything that moved, if you wanted to. And most of the time, you did. When we parted ways you were always the one I wanted to send a postc

17 Foreign Phrases To Learn in Every Language

Besides the usual “hello”, “please” and “thank you”s, here is my tried and tested list of words that have served me well whenever I travel. The following list may not get you to your destination but these are the ones that will find you friends. Very impressed local friends. At first sight they might not seem very applicable but trust me, you will use them more than you expect. Much more often that “go straight and turn right” (which can be replaced with hand movements) for example. To help you digest the list I’ve also included situations that may offer you the opportunity to use them. Nice to meet you! When you make your first friend. This is always the very first phrase I learn in a

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