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In 2003 I first travelled with my father to Beijing and Tibet.  In those 2 weeks, my definition of travel was changed forever.  

When I was taking a portrait of a Tibetan monk, he surprised my subject by putting his arm around him from behind and the solemn monk broke into a smile immediately.  While strolling through the hutongs of Beijing we found a father trying to comfort his crying toddler.  Without stopping, my father casually slipped in a couple of sweets to the child and the latter was so surprised that he stopped crying at once.

Years after the trip, I don’t remember the Potala Palace as much as I remember the instant my father broke the ice with the monk.  Neither do I recall the Summer Palace with as much detail as I recall the toothy grin on the toddler’s face while his tears were still streaming down.  


Since then, I have chased sheep with a shepherd in Cappadocia and congratulated a Russian bride at the Red Square, chatted with a monk about the World Cup in Beijing and played with the children in Hong Kong’s Lower Ngau Tau Kok Estate during the last few days before they were relocated.  


Beyond the edge of every photograph is a story.   


This book is for my father, the traveller.


A 100 page story about unforgettable moments, smiles shared between strangers and the distance between you and me.

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Singapore 168645

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#02-23 Clarke Quay Central, 6 Eu Tong Sen St, Singapore 059817


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