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Mandy Tay



In 2005, I won a lucky draw to visit Hong Kong and loved the city so much that a 5 day holiday turned into a 4 year stay.  When I was about to leave, Dubai beckoned and it was another 3 years before I finally came back to Singapore.  

I was one of the lucky ones who knew what I wanted to do with my life since the age of 15, having taught myself photography 3 years before.  Since then, I have been working with images, both still and moving, honing my skills as a creative producer in the biggest TV stations in Singapore, Hong Kong and UAE for the past decade.

I've enjoyed working with a diverse group of clients, of all sizes and shapes. Some of my clients have been Spotify, Deutsche Bank, Ministry of Trade and Industry (Singapore) and many others.

Today, when I am not rediscovering my home country I create small stories of travel, musicians and love.  Sometimes, all in one. 

Selected Video Awards 

2016 - Promax Asia (Best Sports Campaign)

2009 - Promax World (Best Comedy Campaign)

2006 - Promax Asia (Best Sales & Marketing Reel)

2005 - Promax Asia (Best Documentary Campaign)

         - Promax Asia (Best Entertainment Promo)

2004 - Promax World (Special Project)

         - Promax World (Best Sales Reel)


Selected Photography Exhibitions 

2011 View Of You

Island East

Hong Kong


2010 Next To You


Hong Kong


2009 Modern Nomads

Tao Painting Gallery

Hong Kong


2009 Network In Focus

British Consulate

Hong Kong


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